Product manager, full stack dev, game dev. I love customer research, user stories, competitive analysis, developing product features, wire-framing flows and prototyping.  I specialize in identifying friction points and testing ideas.  I love to code in C#, Python, Ruby, Node.js. and MongoDB is my favorite NoSQL.

My background is in fine arts and psychology so I am always thinking not just in terms of how something functions, but how it feels and looks. Building electronic things is my way of meditating and I participate with my local hackerspace NYCResistor. I am a great solderer and gluer of parts. Yes, I have a natural ability to bring people and things together.

If I could have another superpower it would be to speak in every language and dialect on the planet. My current superpower is an ability to eat things that are too sweet or too spicy for most people to handle.

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