Subway Vandal


Subway Vandal is an entertainment app that lets you rip subway ads on your phone or iPad. I have always loved the look of the ripped subway ads and find some of them to be beautiful works of art. Now you can create these works of art without getting arrested.

The User takes pictures of movie posters and other ads that appear on subway platforms. The photos are layered on top of each other and User creates rips in the pictures with their finger so you can see the layer underneath creating interesting form of art, as seen on subway platforms. User can post on Twitter, facebook or email to a friend.

User will be able to create different kinds of rips according to speed and fingerpressure.

* Deep multilayer rips with hard pressure and superficial one layer rips with soft pressure.

* Thick rips or thin rips according to speed of finger.

Click the link below to see a mock up of how it works: