I had pitched it as "Snip It" at the App'Olympics and got pretty far in the event, winning "Best Use of Mashery's API", the only other prize given at the event!

Yodily combines the immediacy of texting with the emotion of music. This app sends a 30-60 second snippet of music that is sent like a text and arrives as a call.

Have you ever been on a great date? How do you let the other person know how you feel? Do you send a boring text, do you call? It could take hours to come up with the right words.

But I bet you can find the perfect bit of music that says it all.

Its easy to use: Open the app, Scroll through the albums/songs, Connect to your phonebook and Send it by phone.

The recipient receives a phone call and sees your number so they pick up and hear : "You have just received a Yodily from Maria"...the song plays, getting across exactly what you wanted to say in the perfect bit of music. After the snippet of music plays, you are prompted to buy the song and join VibeRunr to send one back.

Here is another example of use. Lets say your mom texts you "how did you do on your exam today?" You open up Yodily and send her a clip of Queen's "We are the Champions".

So that's what it does, hopefully my new partner and I can make it happen in the near future, I will keep you updated...


My partner in this project Tegdeep and I are having a lot of problems with music licensing. The APIs we were using called flag on the field in regards to using their licensed music in this manner. If you happen to know anyone that can help us with this, such as a music lawyer or someone that owns music rights that would be interested in exploring disseminating their music in this way, we would  be very grateful. Just head over to my about page and connect to me through twitter.