High Risk Patient App


High Risk Patient is a program I created for the clinic I work at as a psychotherapist. I used the Zoho Creator and its programming language Deluge script.

We use it to input the patients that are identified as psychiatrically high risk and need special plans and forms filled out on certain dates to make sure they stay healthy and safe. The app reminds us by email which patients (only identfied by chart number) need their plans and forms renewed.

I am creating the same concept in an App form, using Objective C, so that other clinicians can use this application. Here is how it works:

The clinician enters into the app:

1. The patient's chart number (names are not allowed due to HIPPA rules) 

2. Reason the patient is on High Risk List (Suicidal event/gestures; Homicidal events/gestures; Recent hospitalization; Clinician discretion) Clinician discretion means clinician has decided to identify this patient as High Risk due to other factors. 

3. Date patient was first put on list; Date that new High Risk Plan is due. User will choose due date.

4. App will then email the User one week before the due date for updating the High Risk Plan.

High Risk plans are not part of the app. That is something that is unique to each clinic and has no place in the app.

Preliminary sketch ideas for High Risk Patient App